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Our prayer is that The People of God in Christ Jesus may be Blessed by
anything that The Lord May Want to speak to His People! 


During the time of the period of the last seven years of preMillennial History, as written in Daniel, the two witnesses will prophecy, as written in revelation, for 1260 days or 42 months or 3 1/2 years at Jerusalem and will issue many plagues and other types of Adjudication.  The Nations of the Gentiles will have over them 10 leaders who arise to rule over the whole world as written in Daniel and revelation regarding how the fourth beast that was to arise will devour the whole earth and regarding the culmination period of the beast from the sea that eventually has 10 horns that appear on it.  The 10 leaders who arise will trample the Holy City Jerusalem as written for 42 months and the false prophet leader (or the beast from the earth) will arise among the 10 to subdue 3 of them as written in Daniel to make 8 as written in revelation where the beast (from the earth) is an eighth king who belongs to the seven and is going to his destruction.  The false prophet who performs signs and wonders in the presence of the beast from the sea will force everyone great and small worldwide to receive a mark of the number of the name of the false prophet on their right hand or their forehead.  These will make war on the Saints of God Most High as written and will conquer many of them.  The trial that they endure may be counted as the full measure of the Martyrs for The Testimony of Jesus reaches its full measure as Prophesied as the fifth seal in revelation.  These may be counted worthy to arise in the first resurrection as Priests to God Most High and they will Reign with Christ for one thousand years as written. 

The two witnesses will die after they have finished their Testimony to Jesus and will lie in the streets of The Great City for 3 1/2 days while the people on earth celebrate ‘christmas’ in the giving of gifts to one another.  Those who take the mark of the number of the name of the false prophet known as the antichrist will have the trumpet and bowl Desolation Decrees poured out upon them after the false prophet puts an end to Sacrifice and Offering and sets up the Abomination that causes these Desolation Decrees to be issued after 30-75 more days; during which the ‘raptura’ event spoken about in The Gospels will occur.  For all nations will hate you because of me and family members will betray each other to the death is written.  Then, one will be taken the other left…..  The 144,000 will be among the earth at that time to lead many people to God Most High in following Christ wherever He Goes, for it is written that there were so many that came out of the Great Tribulation period that they could not be counted.   The Remnant of The People of New Jerusalem Israel will be taken care of out of the reach of the dragon for 1260 days or 42 months or 3 1/2 years, then those that are in Judea must flee to the hills and mountains as Jesus Instructed during that time, when the Sacrifice and Offering are put and end to in The Temple of God.  For the two witnesses will by lying in the streets as the nations celebrate and give gifts to one another as written.

It is written that it is not for you to know the times or the seasons which The Father Has Set by His Own Authority.  However, we are given a general unfolding succession of events that will transpire on earth in undefined epochs or stages of history until the sixth and the seventh seal are opened.

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